Hobby Motivation series intro - full transcript!

Hobby Motivation series intro - full transcript!

If you have struggled with hobby motivation, you are not alone!

We all have days where we can’t seem to muster up the energy to hobby, or days where our favourite hobby makes us feel stressed and sad instead of happy and relaxed. That’s normal, but what do you do when it lasts weeks, months or even years?

There is no magical “quick fix” for hobby motivation, so these ten tips are the starting point for a ten part video series designed to help you to make real, long-lasting positive change in your own hobby.

I use miniature painting as an example, but you can apply the advice to any hobby! :)


You can access the introduction video for this series here: 



Happy hobbying! ^-^ 

Frankie xxx

Nerd Princess 


10 tips for hobby motivation by nerd princess


Full transcript for accessibility: 



Hey nerd fam! :D


So some of you who were on my twitch in the beginning of this year might remember we did a whole massive livestream all about mental health, specifically about hobby motivation.  

We did about two hours in total of talking about hobby motivation, all my advice for how to maintain and increase your hobby motivation, that not only is my personal advice but I actually polled the whole community and I think it was eighty-something people that gave all their input and advice to that, that we then combined into these ten top tips for hobby motivation and explored in a lot more depth in that livestream.


During that stream, which was very popular, I promised that I would make this stream accessible again after the stream, so like save it and post it. However I have ADHD and a lot of mental health issues myself and so I forgot to save the stream before it disappeared and it is gone! However I have got my notes from it so what I’m gonna do is basically take all that knowledge that we got from the community for that original hobby motivation stream and try to present it in a way that is more accessible for YouTube so that you can use it in your own time when you’re struggling with hobby motivation, [and] you have this on hand as a resource whenever you would like it.


So I’m going to quickly summarise the ten top tips as they are in headers and then we’ll go into each one in more depth, because obviously hobby motivation is not something that you can just see one quick tip on the internet and then boom! now you’re sorted on hobby motivation forever. That is not how any kind of mental health issue or serious personal growth works at all!


If you’ve been struggling with HM then the first thing to know is that you are absolutely not alone with this, this is a hugely common issue in the hobby community, in fact I would say pretty much everyone struggles with hobby motivation sometimes. I have massive issues with it myself as well and it’s one of the things I get asked about most frequently every time I do FAQS or get asked for advice, so know that you are not alone with it.


Remember also with hobby motivation that although we’re gonna give this advice and it’s drawn from a lot of people in the community, one size does not fit all. It’s very much a journey that you’re gonna have to go on yourself, it’s a lot of experimenting, learning, trying things and finding out what works for you specifically. So these are more starting off points that you can then develop and find which ones are gonna work best for you.


So knowing that you’re not alone, you’re not expecting a magic quick fix because if you are, you’re never gonna get it! it’s never gonna get better [like that] because there’s literally no one tip that someone can give you on the internet that will fix your hobby motivation because if there was, it would be out there already and none of us would have a problem with hobby motivation! so don’t beat yourself up about it.


We’re gonna take practical, actual steps that you can take to improve this over time, no matter what time period that takes. It could take years. I’m working on it, I’ve been working on it for years and I’ll still be working on it for years and that’s ok, that’s how mental health issues work.


So let’s run through the ten top tips really quickly:


So tip number one, take a break.


Tip number two, address your mental health in general before you try and target hobby motivation specifically.


Tip number 3 connecting with other people and hobbying together rather than trying to motivate yourself to hobby alone.


Tip number 4 being careful of comparing yourself to other people, especially online, and how that can impact your confidence and therefore your motivation to keep going.


Tip number five is remembering and having ways of reminding yourself that the hobby is all about having fun, the point of this is to enjoy yourself, not to be amazing etc.


Tip number 6 taking practical steps to reduce feelings of overwhelm, so those are things like the pile of shame, we’ll go into them in more detail.


Tip number 7 setting yourself goals and challenges, like I said these won’t all be for everyone but we’ll go into it more during the tip.


Tip number 8 scheduling your hobby time and actually protecting it inside your life .


Tip number 9 creating a hobby routine that helps you enter the headspace to know that you’re about to hobby and therefore prepare your brain to start that process.  


And tip number ten, switching it up [and] using variety to keep yourself interested and keep yourself engaged.


So obviously those are the ten top tips however those headlines are not something you can implement, like there’s not an actionable task, so what we’ll do is we’ll go into each one in a bit more depth.


 I think I’ll probably do it as a playlist. I don’t know what I’m doing on youtube, I do not have fancy graphics, I do not have fancy visuals! You might want to grab a miniature so that you’ve got something to paint while you’re listening :) But we will go into all of those tips in more detail and how you can actually start to apply them to your life and get real change and real improvement to you hobby motivation that will extend over time.

Are you ready for tip number 1?


I haven’t filmed it yet! but I will and then you’ll be able to see it :)


see you in a bit!



Out-takes :

I don’t know what I’m doing at all

Even a tiny bit


We’ll start again for each one, maybe that will be easier

Maybe it won’t, I don’t know!




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