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Nerd Princess

Digital Photo set 09 - Escher 1 - Scrapyard Adventures

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In the shadows of the Underhive, an Escher ganger patrols her gang’s territories...

Don’t let the bright colours fool you – this woman is a brutal fighter, raised in the grimy streets of the underhive warrens. But there’s always time for a bit of fun amongst the fighting!

Heresy: 92 photos (49 lingerie plus 43 heresy).

Lingerie only: 49 photos. Up to lingerie level only.

Please protect my privacy by keeping these photos to yourself!

Thanks for supporting my cosplay! :)

Frankie xxx


  • Images are NSFW. By purchasing you confirm that you are over 18 years old
  • No full nudity – nipples and genitalia are always covered.
  • As this product is immediate download, no refunds are available.
  • Download is for private viewing only - no print, distribution or sharing. Please respect my copyright and my privacy!

You will receive a link via Sendowl (check your email spam!) to download photos. You will need to unzip the files. If you have any technical issues, email me ( and I’ll do my best to help!

Total download size:
Lingerie: 204.2MB zipped, 204.3MB unzipped
Heresy: 186.7MB zipped, 186.8MB unzipped

Image format: jpg

Photographer: Alex Stevenson
Photo editing: Frankie Dubery
Copyright is retained by the photographer.