Digital Photo set 10 - Repentia 1 - Oath Bound
Digital Photo set 10 - Repentia 1 - Oath Bound

Nerd Princess

Digital Photo set 10 - Repentia 1 - Oath Bound

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Repent and purge the heretic!

Shrouded with the hood of the penitent in repentance for her past sins, she is forever bound in service to the Emperor with oaths stronger than any steel. Here these oaths are symbolically represented with shibari rope bondage, tying her to both prayer and to her trusty Eviscerator – because in the grimdark future, true prayer is sung on the battlefield!

Heresy: 92 photos (58 lingerie plus 34 heresy). Up to implied nude level. Shibari rope bondage.

Lingerie only: 58 photos. Up to lingerie level only.

Please protect my privacy by keeping these photos to yourself!

Thanks for supporting my cosplay! :)

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  • Images are NSFW. By purchasing you confirm that you are over 18 years old
  • No full nudity – nipples and genitalia are always covered.
  • As this product is immediate download, no refunds are available.
  • Download is for private viewing only - no print, distribution or sharing. Please respect my copyright and my privacy!

You will receive a link via Sendowl (check your email spam!) to download photos. You will need to unzip the files. If you have any technical issues, email me ( and I’ll do my best to help!

Total download size:
Lingerie: 104.9MB zipped, 111.8MB unzipped
Heresy: 67.7MB zipped, 70MB unzipped

Image format: jpg

Photographer: Alex Stevenson
Photo editing: Frankie Dubery
Copyright is retained by the photographer.