Plaguedrop Painting mug! :D
Plaguedrop Painting mug! :D
Plaguedrop Painting mug! :D

Nerd Princess

Plaguedrop Painting mug! :D

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Time to paint! :D

Better than any painting mug you've ever had before, this is guaranteed to bring The Grandfather's blessings upon your art!

Paintbrush Plaguedrop is here to remind you to paint!
and Ded plaguedrop is here to remind you not to drink your paintwater... xP

11/10 recommended by The Grandfather himself

WARNING: may cause "weathering blindness", a serious painting condition where you keep weathering your minis until they look like you dipped them in typhus corrosion and then buried them for 30 years.

Thank you for supporting my nonsense! :D <3
Frankie xxx